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Professional Staff in ECO

Compton, Bradley W.
Description TBD

Kyle Andrejczyk
Description TBD

Lindsay, Marla
Description TBD

Ocana, Melissa
Description TBD

Sarah Butler
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Old Listing

(will be discontinued in favor of an automatic listing)

Name Specialization Tel. & Location E-Mail
Sarah Butler Family Forest Research (413)545-6641
Bradley W. Compton Biodiversity Project/Blanding Turtle Project 413-577-2179
116 Holdsworth
Jason Coombs Conservation Ecology 201 Holdsworth

Susannah Lerman
Urban Wildlife Ecology (413)545-5447
201 Holdsworth
Darci Connor Maresca School of Earth & Sustainability (413)545-1680
126 Holdsworth 
Melissa Ocana

Research and Extension Project Manager

(413) 545-6167
110 Ag. Eng. Annex A
Ethan Plunkett    
Amanda Robillard Family Forest Research  (413) 577-1562


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