Post-doctoral Researcher
Massachusetts Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Department of Environmental Conservation
Email: kzeller AT



Ph.D. in Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology, 2016
Department of Environmental Conservation
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
“Evaluating resistance surfaces for modeling wildlife movement and connectivity”


M.S. in Environmental Studies, 2003
Department of Environmental Studies
University of Montana          
“Using the Jaguar (Panthera onca) for Biodiversity Conservation Planning in Central America”


B.S. in Biology, 1997
Tufts University        


Research Interests

Using theory and methods from landscape ecology, wildlife biology, biostatistics, landscape genetics and conservation biology, I model animal movement, habitat use, and wildlife corridors in human-dominated landscapes. My research is defined by two major tenets. The first is to provide spatially-based quantitative analyses to inform applied conservation work. The second is to critically assess, compare, and contrast the current methods used to identify areas of conservation priority to promote best practices.


Peer-reviewed publications


Zeller, K.A., M.K. Jennings, T.W. Vickers, H.B. Ernest, S.A. Cushman, W.M. Boyce. In review. Are all data types and connectivity models created equal? Validating connectivity approaches with dispersal data.

Zeller, K.A., D.W. Wattles, S. DeStefano. In review. Predicting moose-vehicle collisions in Massachusetts, USA: Incorporating road crossing data into collision risk models.

Wattles, D.W., K.A. Zeller, S. DeStefano. In review. Movement and habitat response of moose to a high density road network.

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