Postdoctoral Research Fellow

University of Massachusetts – Amherst

Massachusetts Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Department of Environmental Conservation

160 Holdsworth Way

University of Massachusetts


ssterrett [at]




Ph.D. – University of Georgia – Wildlife Ecology and Management – 2014

M.S. – University of Georgia – Wildlife Ecology and Management – 2009

B.S. – Butler University – Biology – 2003


Primary Interests


I am a wildlife ecologist, conservation biologist and aspiring educator. My research focuses on the influences of man-made threats on wildlife populations and how wildlife influences ecosystem function. I collaborate with states and federal agencies, non-governmental organizations and private stakeholders in conservation efforts in the Eastern U.S. Most of my past work has focused on how organisms influence ecosystems through movements, food web interactions & associated nutrient cycling. As an educator, I spend part of my time with hands on education in my local community and wholeheartedly enjoy teaching at the undergraduate level. Currently, I am working on a regional freshwater mussel conservation project aimed at understanding how management actions may influence the Brook Floater, a species of special concern throughout its range.



Current Projects

  • Brook Floater (Alasmidonta varicosa) rangewide conservation and restoration initiative
  • The development of a species-specific conservation timeline framework to improve proactive conservation of amphibians
  • Understanding the influence of “Big Night” citizen science events on pond-breeding amphibian populations
  • A review of the ecological roles of reptiles
  • An experiment to investigate the direct and indirect effects of freshwater turtles on decomposition
  • Developing a regional collaborative network designed to meet scientific and educational objectives associated with understanding the effects of climate change and land use on salamander populations
  • Understanding the spatial ecology of Shoal Bass (Micropterus cataractae) in Ichawaynochaway Creek, Georgia
  • Developing a simple decision framework for guiding dual-career job choices in science
  • The effects of electromagnetic fields on Plethodon cinereus and the implications for PIT studies of movement




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