Ana Quiñónez CamariloQuinonez,Ana

PhD Student, Environmental Conservation

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Advisor: Timothy Randhir

Watershed processes and ecosystem services in tropical watersheds: case of Honduras

As ecosystems get degraded and changed due to anthropogenic activity, the functions they perform and the services they provide are negatively affected. The purpose of this study is to use a systems-based assessment of ecohydrologic and socioeconomic processes, and the dynamics of ecosystem services in a tropical watershed. A system dynamics model of the Lake Yojoa Watershed is used to understand the factors that influence water quality and ecosystem health. The model will also be used to assess the effects of changes in land use and climate regimes. The interaction between local communities, the ecosystem, and its aquatic species will be assessed for reducing conflicts and sustainability of the area. The results of this study can provide insights into issues and in the formulation of management strategies for integrated management of the multiscale common.