MSc, Eco


Integrated modeling of watershed systems for sustaining water resources in the Tuul River Basin of Mongolia.




Faculty Advisor: Timothy Randhir

Project Abstract:

The Tuul River Basin is an important region for social and economic development of Mongolia.  Due to its rapid urbanization and overexploitation of groundwater resources, the watershed region is under stress of ecosystem degradation and water shortage.  There is a critical need to manage water resources at a system level in evaluating the dynamics in water supplies and demands for various uses including drinking, agricultural and industrial usage.  I will study the relationship between surface and groundwater recharge in Upper Tuul River and trends in water usage on a watershed and subwatershed basis.  I will use a combination of SWAT and MODFLOW simulation models to simulate both ground and surface water processes. I expect the results of the study with transform water resource situation in the region through better information on the dynamics of the system and will help in alleviating water issues in similar regions of the country and of the world.