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Degrees held:

M.S., Behavior, Education and Communication; School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan

B.S., Psychology, St. Lawrence University

Degree in progress:
Ph.D. student, Human Dimensions and Environmental Policy, Department of Environmental Conservation


Dr. Ezra Markowitz 

Current Project:
Early Career Climate Communication and Networking
As a Northeast Climate Science Fellow, I work closely with the Climate Science Centers and consortium institutions to maintain the Early Career Climate Forum (ECCF) website and listserv database. The goal of the project is to help build a network of students and early career professionals across the U.S. interested in the climate sciences and climate adaptation. The ECCF aims to facilitate and increase information sharing, improve climate change communication and networking across the CSCs and consortium institutions by maintaining a member-based blog promoting early career insights into research, climate communication and career endeavors.


Research interests:
I am interested in drawing on insights from the behavioral sciences to examine how individuals and groups navigate environmental decisions and behaviors; further, exploring the conditions under which people will positively engage with environmental issues and reduced material consumption. I am particularly interested in uncovering how the role of emotions, green citizenship, feelings of obligation, repeated action behaviors, and the ethical dimensions of anthropocentric climate change can be leveraged to promote pro-environmental behaviors and decision-making. Ultimately, in cultivating familiarity with an unknown future, I hope to help others envision, adopt, and sustain lifestyles and management practices that are marked by living well, while living within limits.