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Graduate Students in ECO

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Name   Project Advisor

Akresh, Michael
Prairie warbler nest reproductive success & habitat selection David King

Allyn, Andrew
Distribution & abundance of the Kittlitz’s murrelet in Alaska Curtice Griffin
Amulike, Bridget Bridget Amulike Gray crowned crane ecology conservation in Tanzania Curtice Griffin/
Todd Fuller
Anderson, Carolyn   Soil carbon cycling in dynamic floodplain systems  Marco Keiluweit

   Water, Wetlands, and Watershed Paul Barten

Bogumila Backiel Floodplains of the Connecticut River Christian Marks/
Keith Nislow


Behavior of shear connectors in wood-concrete composite beams

Peggi Clouston
Bailey Migratory birds in a tropical agro-ecosystem: assessing the influence of patch and landscape factors on habitat quality David King

 Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Nitrogen and Phosphorus in New England Watersheds Timothy Randhir

Land conservation guidelines, for both landowners and local organizations Paige Warren

Bauder, Javan

Bauder - 100x100 Eastern Indigo Snake Population Viability and Connectivity Kevin McGarigal
Water, Wetlands, and Watersheds Allison Roy
The impact and economics of establishing oaks in urban environment Rick Harper
Bird habitat and conservation in New England vegetable farms Dave King
  Forestry Brian Kane
The use of non-lead ammunition for hunting on National Wildlife Refuges Stephen DeStefano
Casselberry, Grace Shark movement ecology in a Caribbean marine protected area Andy Danylchuk
Ecology of freshwater fish in anthropogenically altered hydrologic regimes Allison Roy
Resilience building in New England coastal watersheds Tim Randhir
Modeling uncertainty in hydrologic extremes using Machine learning techniques Tim Randhir
Responses of native plant and soil microbial communities to garlic mustard eradication methods. Kristina Stinson
Conlee Bear demography and habitat use in Massachusetts Stephen DeStefano/
Rob Deblinger
M_Consoer Environmental risk governance, water resources, and collaborative policy Anita Milman
Wood-concrete composites using low-value wood Peggi Clouston
Effectiveness of acoustic telemetry in determining spatial movement patterns of permit and great barracuda in tropical reef flats Andy Danylchuk

Assessing the Impact of Introduced and Native Predators on Populations of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid in its Invasive and Native Range

Joseph Elkinton

Cruz Diaz
, Juan Carlos
Cruz_Diaz_Jaguar Conservation of jaguars and their prey on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica Todd Fuller/
Eduardo Carrillo
Paul Damkot with shortnose sturgeon Brook trout and climate change Keith Nislow
Monica Davis

Population dynamics and biological control of invasive forest insects

Joseph Elkinton
Devarajan, Kadambari

Multi-species hierarchical models: developing a better understanding of study design and model performance

Chris SutherlandSimone Tenan (Museo delle Scienze, Italy) 

Devine, Matt
Matt Devine Factors influencing freshwater productivity of alewife and efficacy of survey methodology for estimating freshwater populations across systems. Adrian Jordaan/
Allison Roy

Dias, Beatriz 

Understanding temporal and spatial dynamics of marine ecosystems.

Adrian Jordaan

Dowling, Zara
Cropped Zara+chicken Bat movements in the Gulf of Maine, relative to wind energy development Betsy Dumont/
Paul Sievert

Drake, Joseph
 Connectivity, fragmentation, and dispersal Chris Sutherland

 Occupation and distribution of the American marten (Martes americana) in the northeastern United States Chris Sutherland

Duclos, Timothy
Tim Duclos

High-elevation Spruce-fir Birds: Vulnerability to Climate Change and Prospects for Conservation within the Northern Forest

David King
    Paige Warren
  Wildlife Curtice Griffin
Falconi Lopez, Nereyda Nereyda Falconi Lopez Develop distribution models and analyze the effects of the changing landscape on spectacled bear’s habitats John Organ
 Energy performance and buildings Ajla Aksamija
    Andy Danylchuk
Fleming, Jilian  Evaluating methods for monitoring red-backed salamanders Chris Sutherland

Galindo, Luisa
Luisa Galindo Evaluation of the sustainability of the Colombian Orinoco’s Basin Timothy Randhir

Garcia Arredondo, Mariela 
Understanding how plant development and root weathering induces priming mechanisms that impact mineral-organic associations, which mobilize iron and carbon in the process. Marco Keiluweit
Precision Apple Disease Management Daniel Cooley
  Water, Wetlands, and Watershed Timothy Randhir
    Ajla Aksamija
Godoy-Hernandez, Heriberto     Frank Mangan

Golden, Nigel
Predicting how climate change will impact the ecology of arctic-adapted species. Toni Lynn Morelli

Goodale, Morgan Wing
wing Impacts of offshore wind development on wildlife Anita Milman

Carolyn Gorss Wetland Assessment in Massachusetts Tim Randhir

Griffin, Lucas
Lucas Griffin Juvenile green turtle movements and habitat use in Puerto Rico Andy Danylchuk

Guckian, Meaghan
Guckian_profile picture.jpg Early Career Climate Communication and Networking Ezra Markowitz

Guo, Lian

Ecophysiology, effects of realistic stressors on fish Adrian Jordaan

  Fisheries Conservation Andy Danylchuk

Hancock, Laura 
Laura Hancock

Source-sink dynamics of garlic mustard in a novel habitat


Kristina Stinson
 Natural-Ecological & Socio-Political Factors Influencing Urban Forest Management in Massachusetts David Bloniarz/
Stephen DeStefano
Harris, Merecedes Variation in garlic mustard secondary chemistry concentration among populations Kristina Stinson
Kate Iaquinto  Breeding season home ranges of piping plovers in MA and RI Curtice Griffin
    Stephen DeStefano

Jaslanek, Walter
picture-3 Developing a GIS based Decision Support Framework for Siting Offshore Wind Turbines Charles Schweik
Hamid Kaboli Building Construction & Technology Peggi Clouston
Water, Wetlands, and Watersheds Wesley Autio

Khoshbakht Computational Modeling of Laminated Bamboo Dowel Connections Peggi Clouston

Avian nest predation and fledgling survival in suburban forests Paige Warren/
David King

Kuras, Evan
Urban environmental education and biodiversity experiences Charles Schweik/
Paige Warren

Root influences on carbon inputs and release in seasonal wetlands Marco Keiluweit

Lama, Tanya
 Using genomic data and novel analytical tools to understand metapopulation dynamics and enhance the management of extant Canada lynx populations

Steve DeStefano/
John Organ

LeFlore, Eric
Eric LeFlore

Lion ecology and conservation in Botswana    

Andrew Stein/
Todd Fuller

  Brook Trout Genetics Baoshan Xing

Long, Michael

Spatial ecology of horseshoe crabs in Wellfleet Bay on Cape Cod, Massachusetts Adrian Jordaan/
Theodore Castro-Santos
Corey Lynch Road/Stream Crossing assessment Deb Picking


Lyle Craker
Mamba, Hlelolwenkhosi Mamba

Human and climate change influences on white (Cerathotherium simum) and black (Diceros bicornis) rhino populations in southern Africa

Todd Fuller
Massey, Blake 2009 - California - 083 Movement Models of Bald Eagles in Maine Curtice Griffin/
Kevin McGarigal
McClellan, Katherine Elasmobranch electroreceptive sensitivity and behavior associated with offshore renewable energy developments. Andy Danylchuk
Moheb, Zalmai Moheb.jpg Drivers of snow leopard-human conflict in the mountains of northeastern Afghanistan Todd Fuller
Montalvo, Victor  Victor Montalvo Conservation of jaguars and their prey in the dry forests of northwestern Costa Rica Todd Fuller

Norvanchig, Javzansuren
Integrated modeling of watershed systems Timothy Randhir
Novak, Ashleigh  Movement ecology of yellowtail snapper in a Caribbean MPA Adrian Jordaan
Architecture, Building Science, and Construction; linking research, education, and practice in the pursuit of optimum building performance.
Peggi Clouston
 The Socioecology of Chimney Swift Nest in Springfield, MA Susannah Lerman
Padilla, Benjamin The ecology of urbanizing landscapes, specifically the eastern red-backed salamander (Plethodon cinereus), and the impact of citizen science in urban areas Chris Sutherland
  Water, Wetlands, and Watershed Timothy Randhir

Assessing ecosystem services of urban watersheds in low and moderate income neighborhoods of Hamden County, Massachusetts Timothy Randhir

Investigating the potential of predictive modelling and automated building facade elements to attain thermal comfort in passively conditioned buildings for 15 different climate types Ajla Aksamija

Quinonez Camarillo, Ana

Systems assessment of the Neotropical otter (Lontra longicaudis) in the Lake Yojoa watershed of Honduras

Todd Fuller/
Timothy Randhir
Richards Instream flow assessment Allison Roy
Examining the ecological role of Norway spruce plantations in regards to avian biodiversity David King /
Stephen DeStefano

Employing geospatial analysis and game theory to understand changes in land use, water diversion and storage, and conflict in the Indus River Basin

Timothy Randhir

  Environmental narratives in the Southwestern United States Tim Randhir

Ruebesam, Jessica 
Migratory songbird movements within the Connecticut River Watershed David King

Ryan, Kendra
Kendra Ryan Impacts of offshore wind energy on marine mammals Adrian Jordaan/
Andy Danylchuk
Sabogal Aguilar, Javier Multi scale analysis of renewable energy Timothy Randhir
Saenz-Bolaños, Carolina Saenz-Bolanos Factors affecting the distribution of jaguars and their prey in the humid northeast forests of Costa Rica Todd Fuller
Medicinal Plants, Indigenous Communities and Climate Change at the Southern Andean and Rainforest of Perú Lyle Craker

  Water, Wetlands, and Watersheds

Baoshan Xing

Alexej II

Potential impacts of climate change on predator-prey community dynamics in north-central New England. 

Toni Lyn Morelli/
Keith Nislow

Migratory movements of songbirds in the Gulf of Maine: predicting and minimizing risk from offshore wind development David King

Human interactions with renewable energy projects and emerging technologies

Ezra Markowitz
 Eastern whip-poor-will habitat associations in Fort Drum, NY David King

Starr, Jared
jared starr pict Learning from success: An analysis of factors influencing municipal recycling rates in Massachusetts Craig Nicolson

Straley, Katherine
Urban ecology, animal behavior, ornithology, conservation biology Paige Warren
 Automated bird song recorders as an alternative method for monitoring forest song birds Curtice Griffin /
David King
Sutherland, Hollie Sutherland_Hollie Citizen Science and the use of camera traps to inform wildlife conservation in Massachusetts Todd Fuller/
Stephen DeStefano
  Building Systems Ben Weil
    Luna Xiao
" target="_blank" rel="noopener">von Dosky, Vincent   Wildlife Conservation Timothy Randhir 

Winiarski, Kristopher
winiarski - kristopher
A climate dependent metapopulation model of Marbled Salamanders (Ambystoma opacum) in Western Massachusetts.
Curtice Griffin

Yakola, Keenan
  Climate change effects on tern chicks in the Gulf of Maine Michelle Staudinger/
Adrian Jordaan
Zaidel Impacts of small dams and dam removal on temperature and dissolved oxygen concentrations in Massachusetts streams
Allison Roy
Zarama-Alvarado, Stephanye Adaptive governance, collaborative policy and water conflicts Timothy Randhir 

    Allen Barker

Intergenerational Land Transfer of Family Forest Owners

Paul Catanzaro