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Xiao, Chao

Chao Luna XiaoLecturer (Sustainable Construction Management)

Building and Construction Technology

R: 328 Design Building
T: +1 (413) 545-8863

Links: Chao’s CV

Research Interests

Dr. Xiao’s research interests lie in the areas of decision-making in complex project environment towards life cycle sustainability, and decision science enhanced by advanced information technologies, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM). Dr. Xiao’s current research projects focus on systematic study of complex construction project delivery system, and decision making towards post construction sustainability (including facility operation and management). With years of research and working experience, Dr. Xiao has been working on developing a vision for decision-making towards life cycle sustainability that integrates planning, design, construction and operations of complex projects.

Courses Taught

BCT 353 – Business of Building (Fall)

BCT 550 – Project Management for Design and Construction (Fall/Spring)

BCT 494BI – Senior Seminar (Integrative Experience (spring)

BCT 597U – Fundamental Construction Scheduling (spring)

Selected Recent Publications

Xiao, C., & Fernández-Solís, J. L. (2015). “Are Building Construction Project Delivery Systems Complicated or Complex? ”. 2016 Construction Research Congress (CRC) in Puerto Rico. (Accepted) Xiao, C., Fernández-Solís,

J. L., & Rybkowski, Z. K. (2015). “An Intensive Study of Systemic Characteristics of Complex Construction Organization and Operation”. International Journal of Project Management. (Under Review)

Shi, Q., Zhou, Y. K., Xiao, C. & Blomquist, T. (2014). “Rethinking the fundamentals of critical chain identification.” European Journal of Operational Research. (Under 2nd Review)

Fernández-Solís, J. L., Rybkowski, Z. K., Xiao, C., Lü, X., & Chae, L. S. (2014). “General contractor’s project of projects–a meta-project: understanding the new paradigm and its implications through the lens of entropy.” Architectural Engineering and Design Management, (ahead-of-print), 1-30.

Shi, Q., Zhou, Y., Xiao, C., Chen, R., & Zuo, J. (2014). “Delivery risk analysis within the context of program management using fuzzy logic and DEA: A China case study.” International Journal of Project Management, 32(2), 341-349.

Page updated: February 9, 2017