Research Associate Professor

Ph.D., The University of Georgia
Unit Leader – Fisheries
US Geological Survey
Massachusetts Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Phone: 413-545-4895
Room 317 Holdsworth
Email: aroy
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Primary interests

My research broadly revolves around characterizing anthropogenic impacts on aquatic ecosystems and identifying conservation strategies for effectively protecting and restoring watersheds. The growing human population continues to constrain biotic assemblages in a variety of ways, and understanding the mechanisms by which urbanization and its associated stressors result in degraded fish assemblages is an overarching challenge of my research program. I am interested in examining effects of altered hydrology, temperature, habitat, water quality, and food resources on stream fishes; quantifying sublethal (e.g., behavior, physiology) responses of fishes to urbanization; and assessing potential for management (e.g., forested riparian buffers, green infrastructure, dam removal) to restore fish assemblages.

Current Projects

• Brook floater conservation and restoration initiative

• Effects of dam removal on stream ecosystems

• Feasibility and uses for freshwater mussel culture in Massachusetts

• Urbanization and Massachusetts streams: unpacking the biological effects of impervious cover

• Making decisions in complex landscapes: headwater stream management across multiple agencies

• Evaluating freshwater productivity and sampling approaches for juvenile river herring in freshwater lakes and ponds

• Impacts of surface water supply reservoirs on stream flow and biology in small Massachusetts watersheds

• Investigating impacts of lake drawdowns on fish and wildlife

Selected Recent Publications

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