Allison RoyAllison Roy

Research Associate Professor

Unit Leader
US Geological Survey
Massachusetts Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit


Phone: 413-545-4895

Office: 314 Holdsworth

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Primary Interests

My research broadly revolves around characterizing anthropogenic impacts on aquatic ecosystems and identifying conservation strategies for effectively protecting and restoring watersheds. The growing human population continues to constrain biotic assemblages in a variety of ways, and understanding the mechanisms by which urbanization and its associated stressors result in degraded biotic assemblages is an overarching challenge of my research program. I am interested in examining effects of altered hydrology, temperature, habitat, water quality, and food resources on stream and lake biota; evaluating factors influencing threatened fish and mussel populations; and assessing potential for management (e.g., forested riparian buffers, green infrastructure, dam removal) to restore aquatic ecosystems.

Current Projects

  • Rethinking lake management for invasive plants under future climate: Sensitivity of lake ecosystems to winter water level drawdowns
  • Impacts of winter lake drawdowns on downstream flows and stream ecosystems
  • Restoring aquatic habitats through dam removal
  • Environmental factors controlling juvenile river herring productivity and emigration
  • Interannual variation in juvenile river herring productivity and responses to restoration
  • Brook floater rangewide conservation and restoration initiative
  • Dwarf wedgemussel propagation and restoration in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern US

Courses Taught

Research Concepts (ECO 601)

Aquatic Ecology (NRC 590AE)


Ph.D. Ecology, The University of Georgia

M.S. Entomology, The University of Georgia

B.S. Biology and Environmental Science, Allegheny College

Selected Recent Publications

Zaidel, P.A., A.H. Roy, K.M. Houle, B. Lambert, B.H. Letcher, K.H. Nislow, and C. Smith. 2020. Impacts of small dams on stream temperature. Ecological Indicators.

Ludlam, J.P. and A.H. Roy. 2020. Understanding effects of small dams on benthic metabolism and primary production in temperate forested streams. Fundamental and Applied Limnology. DOI: 10.1127/fal/2020/1260

Weinstein, S.Y., J.A. Coombs, K.H. Nislow, C. Riley, A.H. Roy, and A.R. Whiteley. 2019. Evaluating the effects of barriers on Slimy Sculpin (Cottus cognatus) movement and population connectivity using novel sibship-based and traditional genetic metrics. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 148: 1117-1131.

Cheney, K.N., A.H. Roy, R.F. Smith, and R.E. DeWalt. 2019. Effects of stream temperature and substrate type on emergence patterns of Plecoptera and Trichoptera from Northeastern United States headwater streams. Environmental Entomology 48:1349-1359.

Marjadi, M.N., A.H. Roy, A. Jordaan, B.I. Gahagan, M.P. Armstrong, and A.R. Whiteley. 2019. Larger body size and earlier run timing increase alewife reproductive success in a whole lake experiment. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 76:1134-1146.

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