Munkaila Musah

Assistant Professor

Office: 256 Olver Design Building
Phone: +1 (413) 545-0267
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Bio Sketch

Prof. Musah is passionate about greener construction with environmentally friendly materials, zero-emission construction sites, and smart energy-efficient buildings. His research is focused on Cross-laminated Timber (CLT) for high-rise buildings, nondestructive testing, environmental sustainability, and bio-based composites.  He designs, manufacture and test different hardwood and softwood species for mass timber application. Achieved by tuning material density, macro anatomy, microstructures, and surfaces to study the material structural-property relationships for advanced applications as a structural member and for potential application in on-site and offsite construction.

His interest in achieving sustainability in society, especially in the built environment has pivoted his research in the development of renewable material based green products through intelligent and integrated design process coupled with the use of life cycle analysis, nondestructive testing such as Acoustics and Near Infrared Spectroscopy to assess structural damage and other desired properties. Prof. Musah’s current research also investigates sustainability where he is working to replace petroleum-based adhesives with sustainable biomaterials exploring additives like soy flour, nanocellulose, wood fibers. He also provides leadership for manufacturing and characterizing the quality of composites such as OSB, fiber board, plywood, and polymer composites.

Prof. Musah received his PhD in Michigan Technological University with specialization in Sustainable Forest Biomaterials. He obtained Master of Science degree in Forest Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology and a post graduate certificate in Sustainability Engineering from Michigan Technological University. He also holds a Bachelor of Education degree in Science (Biology and Chemistry) and a Master of Philosophy in Science Education with focus in Environmental Science in Ghana.


  • Ph.D., Forest Science and Biology (Sustainable Biomaterials for construction), Michigan Tech. University
  • M.S., Forest Molecular Genetics and biotechnology, Michigan Technological University
  • Post Graduate Certificate (Sustainability Engineering), Michigan Technological University
  • MPhil Science Education (Environmental Science), University of Education, Winneba, Ghana
  • BS Ed. (Biology and Chemistry), University of Education Winneba, Ghana

Current Projects

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Courses Taught

  • BCT 492C / ECO 692C


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