Anita MilmanAnita Milman



Office: 210 Holdsworth Hall

Phone: 413-545-3749

Research Website: Water Governance

Primary Research Interests

I research environmental governance, with a focus on water resources in the context of global change. I am particularly interested in how adaptation to climate change in the water sector is influenced by a) institutional structures 2) the socio-political-cultural lenses used in interpreting information and c) the need to make decisions and act under uncertainty.  My research is itself a form of boundary work, and I am especially interested in connecting those who produce knowledge with stakeholders, policy makers, and government agencies.

Key concepts I study include: environmental governance; climate change adaptation; transboundary water; flood-mitigation; coupled-human environmental systems; collaborative governance; decision-making under uncertainty; environmental policy integration; integrated water resources management.

Current Projects


  • EnvirSci 213 Environmental Policy (fall semester)
  • EnvirSci 213H Honors Colloquium Environmental Policy (fall semester)
  • EnvirSci 597b Potable Water for Small & Disadvantaged Communities (fall semester)
  • NRC590TP Adapting to Climate Change (spring semester)
  • ECO692B Qualitative Data Analysis (spring semester)
  • ECO690E Environmental Conflict & Collaborative Policy (spring semester)

Selected Publications

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