Senior Scientist and Research Physiologist
USGS, Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center
One Migratory Way, Turners Falls, MA


413 863-3804
Email: mccormick

Primary interests

Environmental Physiology of Migratory Fishes

Physiological demands are especially important to anadromous fish because of their need to move between freshwater and seawater and to make long, often difficult, migrations. These demands can become critical when there are barriers to migration or other changes in river ecosystems.  The McCormick Laboratory is located 20 miles north of campus at the USGS Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center. We conduct research on physiological and endocrine changes that may limit fish populations, particularly those in need of conservation or restoration. We are particularly interested in how environmental change, both of ‘natural’ and ‘human’ origins, affects normal growth and development in anadromous fish. Physiological systems such as ion regulation, stress, energetics, growth and reproduction are critical for survival of migratory fish. Environmental factors such as climate change, salinity, temperature, stress, hatchery practices, dams and pollution may affect normal development of these complex systems. Because of threats to their survival in many rivers in the northeastern US, Atlantic salmon, American shad, blueback herring, alewife, brook trout, sturgeon and lamprey are the anadromous species of primary interest.

Current Projects

  • Identification, localization and endocrine regulation of gill ion transport proteins that secrete salts as anadromous fish move between freshwater and seawater.
  • Thermal physiology of salmonids, including brook trout, Atlantic salmon and Alaskan sockeye salmon.
  • Comparison of salinity tolerance and feeding in landlocked and anadromous sea lamprey.
  • Effects of temperature and energy use on fish passage and spawning success of American shad.
  • Hormonal control of osmoregulation in basal vertebrates, including sea lamprey and Atlantic sturgeon.

Recent Publications (2013-Present)

McCormick, S.D. and Romero, J.M.  2017.  Conservation Endocrinology.  Bioscience (in press).

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Other Publications