Boyd Kynard

Boyd Kynard

Adjunct Fisheries Professor

Owner BK-Riverfish, LLC

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Phone: 413-253-9421


I am a migratory fish behaviorist who consults on conservation, research, and fish passage for migratory fish in Brazil, Romania, China, and North America. My business has a hydraulic lab in Erving, MA, where my son and I conduct research on fish behavior and R&D on fish passage (see website). Outside of work, I garden, hike, bike, and travel the world when I can.

Primary Interests

Migratory fish behavior

Current Projects

  1. R&D to develop a new fish ladder for diverse riverine & diadromous fishes of N. America.
  2. Research on behavior of migratory Brazilian fish in a model vertical slot fish ladder.
  3. Research and conservation on sturgeons in the Rioni R., Georgia.
  4. Conservation and fish passage of migratory fish in the Savannah R., Georgia.
  5. Research on effect of the Chesterfield Power Plant on Atlantic sturgeon in the James R., VA.
  6. Installation and research on a new type of fish ladder for diverse riverine fishes at Fawell Dam, West DuPage R., Illinois. 7) Nesting behavior of sea lamprey in the Fort R., MA.

Courses Taught

  • Previous–Biology and management of anadromous fish
  • Previous–Ecological genetics of fish


PhD – University of Washington, College of Fisheries, Seattle

MS Zoology – Mississippi State University

BS Biology – Millsaps College


Over 150 journal papers and one book. See full list of publications on Researchgate.