Retired Professor and Extension Forester

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Primary interests

My current research interests focus on private woodland owner attitudes towards their land and the concept of an ecosystem-based approach to management. If the paradigm is to be applicable in a forested landscape dominated by numerous small, private ownerships, it is vital to know landowner attitudes towards such an approach, understand their relevant behaviors and decision making, and use this knowledge to design appropriate programs or incentives that will be successfully adopted. I have a growing interest in  land protection techniques, human decision making, and the use of GIS in testing landowner attitudes towards thinking about their individual properties in the bigger picture. In general, I am interested in directing my research and outreach efforts towards ensuring a forested landscape that is capable of providing the myriad of important benefits to society into the future.

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Current Projects

Courses Taught

  • NRC 521: Timber Harvesting
  • NRC 575  (formerly 597C): Case Studies in Conservation.
  • NRC 526: Silviculture

Selected Recent Publications

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