Professor Emeritus


Primary interests

My primary interests are silviculture and forest ecology; research topics include stand dynamics in managed and unmanaged forests; ecology of natural regeneration; comparative stand development and productivity of pure and mixed stands.

Current Projects

  • Natural regeneration of understory vegetation in Southern New England forests, involving issues of silvicultural methods, deer browsing, and competition from hay-scented ferns.
  • Long-term ecological monitoring of the system of Forest Reserves that have been recently established in Massachusetts.
  • Regeneration of mahogany and associated species in the Yucatan region of Mexico: seed production and dispersal, and seedling survival and growth.


  • NRC 100 Environment and Society
  • NRC 526 Silviculture
  • ECO 604 Forest Stand Dynamics


Smith, DM., B.C. Larson, M.J. Kelty, and P.M.S. Ashton. 1997. The Practice of Silviculture. Ninth edition. John Wiley, New York. 537 p.  (new edition in progress)

Research Articles

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