Professor of Commercial Arboriculture
MA Arborists Association
214 Holdsworth
Email: bkane

Curriculum vitae
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Primary interests & Current Projects

Interested students should feel free to contact me about helping out with research projects. I have lots of work to do, and can always use some help!

Tree risk and structure analysis: determining risk of failure from structural defects and understanding how arboricultural practices such as pruning reduce the risk of failure (

Tree worker safety:  assessing climbing gear and techniques adapted from other high angle rope disciplines (

Urban tree growth:  measuring the post-planting growth of street trees.

Current Student Research Projects

  • The effect of pruning on sway response of Khaya senegalensis in Singapore (Dan Burcham, PhD)
  • Sway response of cabled trees (Mark Reiland, PhD)

Courses Taught

  • NRC 213 Arboriculture Field Techniques III
  • NRC 290C Trees & Sustainability
  • NRC 305 Commercial Arboriculture

  • NRC 590A Advanced Arboriculture

Recent Refereed Publications

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Kane and Clouston. 2008. Tree Pulling Tests of Large Shade Trees in the Genus Acer. Arboriculture & Urban Forestry.  Watch a video of the project:

Professional Achievements

ISA Board of Directors 2013-2016
ISA Alex L. Shigo Award 2014
ISA Early Career Scientist Award 2011
Chair, ISA Science & Research Committee 2011-2013
TCIA Safety Award 2009

Careers in Arboriculture

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