Katherine KahlKatherine Kahl

Extension Assistant Professor, Sustainable Fisheries & Coastal Resilience

Gloucester Marine Station
932 Washington Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

Email: Phone: (978) 865-3472

Katie Kahl’s CV

Primary Interests

As Extension faculty based full time at the UMass Amherst Gloucester Marine Station, my work focuses on bridging university capacity with sustainable fisheries and coastal resilience needs on the North Shore of Boston and beyond. The research and conservation approaches we develop will emphasize application to other geographies and at broader scales. Working with a team of faculty and stakeholders, we are re-envisioning what the marine station can be for the university, for students, for local and regional partnerships and places.

A landscape ecologist by training, my professional experience has spanned conservation policy advocacy, local and regional green infrastructure education and community engagement, climate change research and adaptation, and managing coastal conservation planning and implementation strategies. The common thread through these experiences has been my ability to connect people, connect project strategies to achieve meaningful outcomes, to lead teams and build partnerships around common goals. My role with UMass began in January 2018.