Todd FullerTodd Fuller

Professor and Associate Department Head

Email: tkfuller

Phone: 413-545-4723

Office: 128 Holdsworth


Primary Interests

Dr. Fuller’s research efforts focus on identifying factors affecting variation in mammal density and distribution. Whether a species is recognized as endangered, a nuisance, or harvestable, knowledge of its natural history and population ecology is essential in order to predict or responsibly manage population change. In order to better understand the mechanisms of this change, Dr. Fuller and his students capture, mark, and monitor a variety of carnivores, ungulates, and smaller herbivores to document their movements, habitat use, food habits, survival, reproduction, social behavior, and density, then synthesize results from their own and other studies. They survey populations through direct and indirect means (e.g., scats, tracks, calls, cameras) to assess distribution and relative abundance, and also collaborate with colleagues to investigate roles of disease, genetics, nutrition, morphology, and human activities in population regulation and species conservation.

Current Students and Their Projects

Bridget Amulike (Ph.D., ECo , co-advised with Curt Griffin) – Gray crowned crane ecology conservation in Tanzania

Carolina Sáenz Bolaños (PhD., ECo, co-advised with Eduardo Carrillo) – Factors affecting the distribution of jaguars and their prey in the humid northeast forests of Costa Rica

Juan Carlos Cruz Diaz (PhD., ECo, co-advised with Eduardo Carrillo) – Conservation of jaguars and their prey on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

Eric LeFlore  (Ph.D., ECo, co-advised with Andrew Stein) – Lion ecology and conservation in Botswana

Victor Montalvo G. (PhD., ECo, co-advised with Eduardo Carrillo) – Conservation of jaguars and their prey in the dry forests of northwestern Costa Rica

Recent Publications

LeFlore, E.G., T.K. Fuller, M. Tomeletso, T.C. Dimbindo, and A.B. Stein. 2020. Human dimensions of human-lion conflict: a pre- and post-assessment of a lion conservation programme in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. Environmental Conservation, 47(3), 182-189.DOI:

Montalvo, V., T.K. Fuller, C. Saénz-Bolaños, J.C. Cruz, I. Hagnauer, H. Herrera, and E. Carrillo. 2020. Influence of sea turtle nesting on hunting behavior and movements of jaguars in the dry forest of northwest Costa Rica. Biotropica 2020; 00:1–8.

Malatsi, P.P., T.K. Fuller, S.M. Campbell, J. Dreyer, J. Fiocchi, L.C. Fiocchi, D. Fuller, M.R. Fuller, A. Hazard, P.R. Sievert, and C.R. Griffin. 2020. Honey badger Mellivora capensis predation on an African sharptooth catfish in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. Small Carnivore Conservation 58:e58004.

Amulike, B.B., T.K. Fuller, P.W. Houlihan, and C.R. Griffin. 2020. Seasonal variation in grey crowned crane (Balearica regulorum) abundance in the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania. African Journal of Ecology 2020; 00:1–7.

Vinitporsawan, S. and T.K. Fuller. 2020. Spatio-temporal correlations of large predators and their prey in western Thailand. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 68:118-131. 

Sáenz-Bolaños, C., T.K. Fuller, and E. Carrillo J.  2020. Wildlife diversity and relative abundance among a variety of adjacent protected areas in the Northern Talamanca Mountains of Costa Rica. Diversity 12, 134; doi:10.3390/d12040134

Mamba, H., T. Randhir, and T.K. Fuller. 2020. Community attitudes and perceptions concerning rhinoceros poaching and conservation: a case study in eSwatini. African Journal of Wildlife Research 50:1-7.

Fuller, T.K., A.M. Silva, V.H. Montalvo, C. Sáenz-Bolaños, and E. Carrillo J.  2020. Reproduction of white-tailed deer in a seasonally dry tropical forest of Costa Rica: a test of aseasonality. Journal of Mammalogy 101:241-247.

LeFlore, E.G., T.K. Fuller, J.T. Finn, S. DeStefano, and J.F. Organ. 2019. Wild canid distribution and co-existence during Fall in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts. Northeastern Naturalist 26:325-342.

Sáenz-Bolaños, C., T.K. Fuller, M.S. Mooring, J. Porras, P.R. Sievert, V.H. Montalvo, and E. Carrillo J.  2019. Bush dogs in Central America: recent range expansion, cryptic distribution, or both? Tropical Conservation Science.

LeFlore, E.G., T.K. Fuller, M. Tomeletso, and A.B. Stein. 2019. Livestock depredation by large carnivores in northern Botswana. Global Ecology and Conservation.

Montalvo, V.H., C. Sáenz-Bolaños, L.D. Alfaro, J.C. Cruz, F.H. Guimarães-Rodrigues, E. Carrillo, C. Sutherland, and T.K. Fuller. 2019.  Seasonal use of waterholes and pathways by macrofauna in the dry forest of Costa Rica.  Journal of Tropical Ecology

Herrera, H., E.J. Chávez, L.D. Alfaro, T.K. Fuller, V. Montalvo, F. Rodrigues, and E. Carrillo. 2018. Time partitioning among jaguar Panthera onca, puma Puma concolor and ocelot Leopardus pardalis (Carnivora: Felidae) in Costa Rica’s dry and rain forests.  Revista de Biología Tropical 66:1559-1568.

Sáenz-Bolaños, C., V. Montalvo, E. Carrillo, and T.K. Fuller. 2018. Tayra predation of brown-throated three-toed sloth in Costa Rica. Edentata 19:70-73.

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Carrillo, E. and T.K. Fuller. 2018. Predation of a Central American coral snake (Micrurus nigrocinctus) by a nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus) in Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica. Edentata 19:67-69.

Rayl, N.D., G. Bastille-Rousseau, J.F. Organ, M.A. Mumma, S.P. Mahoney, C.E. Soulliere, K.P. Lewis, R.D. Otto, D.L. Murray, L.P. Waits, and T.K. Fuller. 2018. Spatiotemporal heterogeneity in prey abundance and vulnerability shapes the foraging tactics of an omnivore. Journal of Animal Ecology 87:874–887.

Morjan, M., N.D. Rayl, P. Elkan, J. Deutsch, B. Henke, and T.K. Fuller.  2018. Armed conflict and development in South Sudan threatens some of Africa’s longest and largest ungulate migrations. Biodiversity and Conservation 27:365-380.