Building and Construction Technology

R: 337 Olver Design Building
T: 413-545-1866

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Curriculum vitae

Ph.D. (Building Systems, University of Massachusetts-Amherst)

M.Arch. (Architecture, University of Massachusetts-Amherst)

B.A. (Biology, University of Pennsylvania)

Primary Interests

Dr. Fiocchi’s interest and research is concerned with high performance energy efficient buildings with special emphasis on the building envelope and mechanical systems of both residential and commercial structures. Dr. Fiocchi’s experience in construction, coupled with the imminent threat of climate change, provided the impetus for this focus. Modernist architecture and its subset Brutalism, as it relates to the above, has been the recent and primary focus of his work.

Current Projects

  • Evaluation of View Dynamic Glass Performance
  • Introduction of Heliodon technology into the curriculum
  • Construction of multiple high performance envelope assembly mockups

Courses Taught

BCT 311: Sustainable Indoor Environmental Systems

BCT 313 / Arch 550: Light Frame Construction

BCT 520/Arch 520: Energy and Buildings / Building Physics I

BCT 521: Environmental Control Systems

BCT 521LL: Energy Modeling eQUEST

BCT 492C: Sustainable Building Systems and Construction Technology

ECO 692C: Sustainable Building Systems and Construction Technology

ECO 697Q / Arch 697K: Green Design and Historic Preservation

Selected Recent Publications

Fiocchi, L. Carl, Phetogo Patrick Malatsi, Todd K. Fuller, Susan M. Campbell, Jeffrey Dreyer, Jackie Fiocchi, Dana Fuller, Mark R. Fuller, Anne Hazzard, Paul R. Sievert, Curtice R. Griffin.  Honey Badger Mellivora capensis predation on an African Sharptooth Catfish in the Okavango Delta, Botswana  (June 2020).

Fiocchi, L. Carl, Alexander C Schreyer, Peggi Clouston. A New Teacher on Campus. Learning by Design (Oct 2017).

Fiocchi, L. Carl (2016). A Period Examination through Contemporary Energy Analysis of Kevin Roche’s Fine Arts Center at University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Scholarworks @ UMassAmherst.

Fiocchi, L. Carl, Hoque, S., Weil, Benjamin (2014). Improving Accuracy of Building Energy Modeling Simulation Programs with Weather File Compensation Factors. ASHRAE Transactions – 2014 Annual Conference – Seattle, vol. 120, part 2.

Fiocchi, L. Carl, McCusker, Catherine, Weil, Benjamin (2012). Holdsworth Retrofit and Renovation. University of Massachusetts-Amherst Facilities

Fiocchi, L. Carl and Hoque, S. (2011). Sustaining Modernity: An Analysis of a Modern Masterpiece, The Gropius House. Proceedings for the 13th Canadian Conference on Building Science and Technology, Winnipeg, Canada: NBEC.

Fiocchi, L. Carl, Shahadat, M., and Hoque, S. (2011). Climate Responsive Design and the Milam Residence. Sustainability 2011, 3, 2289-2306;

Fiocchi, L. Carl (2010 A Sustainable Design for the American Commercial Strip Mall. Scholarworks @ UMassAmherst.