Brett ButlerBrett Butler

Adjunct Professor


Phone: 413-545-1387

Office: 201 Holdsworth Hall

Websites: Family Forest Research Center,

Curriculum vitae

Primary Interests

My current research focuses on survey methods for collecting information from private forestland owners, analyzing trends in private forest-land owners and the land that they own, and studying the factors that influence decisions made by private landowners. I am the director of the U.S. Forest Service’s National Woodland Owner Survey, co-director of the Family Forest Research Center, and involved in a number of related projects, such as the Sustaining Family Forests Initiative.

Current Projects

  • USDA Forest Service, National Woodland Owner Survey (
  • Sustaining Family Forests Initiative (
  • USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Project: Understanding and Informing Family Forest Owner Decisions of Land Transfer
  • National Science Foundation, Coupled Natural-Human Systems Project: Assessing the Potential for Climate Change and Forest Insects to Drive Land-Use Regime Shifts

Recent Courses Taught

  • Design, Implementation, and Analysis of  Surveys of People(ECO 697 SV)
  • Current Research in Natural Resources Conservation (ECO 691A – Departmental Seminar)

Recent Publications

Butler, B. J., Butler, S. M., Dennings, K., & Knoot, T. G. (2018). What Influences Whether Family Forest Owners Participate in Outreach Campaigns?. JOURNAL OF EXTENSION56(7).

Butler, S. M., Huff, E. S., Snyder, S. A., Butler, B. J., & Tyrrell, M. (2017). The role of gender in management behaviors on family forest lands in the United States. Journal of Forestry116(1), 32-40.

Aguilar, F.X.; Cai, Z.; Butler, B. 2017. Proximal Association of Land Management Preferences: Evidence from Family Forest Owners. PLOS ONE 12(1):e0169667.

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Andrejczyk, K.; Butler, B.J.; Tyrell, M., L.; Langer, J. 2016. Hansel and Gretel walk in the forest, landowners walk in the woods: A qualitative examination of the language used by family forest owners. Journal of Forestry 114(1):52–57.

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Other Publications