Dwayne BregerDwayne Breger

Director, Clean Energy Extension; Extension Professor, Environmental Conservation

Specialty:  Renewable energy and energy efficiency


Phone: 413-545-8512

Office: 209 Agricultural Engineering Building, 250 Natural Resources Way, Amherst, MA 01003-9295

Website: UMass Clean Energy Extension

Curriculum Vitae 

Primary Interests

Areas of specialization: Renewable energy and climate mitigation economics and policy

I am interested in applied research to support the understanding and resolve of clean energy and climate mitigation barriers and opportunities, particularly in ways that advance community-based energy markets, local economic development, and equitable distribution of the economic benefits of distributed energy resources.


Manwell, J.F., McGowan J.G., Breger, D., A design and analysis tool for utility scale power systems incorporating large scale wind, solar photovoltaics and energy storage. “Journal of Energy Storage”, Vol. 19, October 2018, 103-112.Dowling, Z., Breger, D., The Low Cost of Curtailment for Bats at Offshore Wind Facilities. “Conservation Letters” (submitted for publication).

Flynn, H., Breger, D., Belden, A., Bier, A., Laurent, C., Andrews, N., Rickerson, W., “System Dynamics Modeling of the Massachusetts SREC Market”, Sustainability, 2010, 2, 2746-2761.