Bates Lecturer, Renewable Energy & Sustainability
209 Holdsworth Hall
Tel: 1+ (413) 545-1768
E-mail: curriculum vitae 


Research Interests:


Dr. Bates is primarily interested in social and environmental factors that promote or inhibit renewable energy development. Specifically, she uses qualitative and quantitative tools to address limits of offshore wind energy, such a GIS to understand ocean use patterns within a marine spatial planning framework, and survey research to understand social acceptance of ocean energy developments. Ongoing projects include spatial conflict with commercial fisheries and offshore wind, and analysis of how coastal communities are affected by nearby energy developments. Before pursuing her Ph.D. in Marine Studies, Dr. Bates worked for several years with the Southern California Mountains Foundation, promoting conservation and stewardship on public lands.


Courses Taught:

NRC 297R Renewable Energy & Sustainability

NRC 490S Sustainable Systems: Evaluating Local Solutions (Integrated Experience Course)


Recent Publications:

Bates, A. (2017). Revisiting Approaches to Marine Spatial Planning: Perspectives on and Implications for the United States. Agricultural and Resource Economics Review. In Press. 

Bates, A., & Firestone, J. (2015). A comparative assessment of proposed offshore wind power demonstration projects in the United States. Energy Research & Social Science, 10, 192-205.

Firestone, J., Bates, A., & Knapp, L. A. (2015). See me, Feel me, Touch me, Heal me: Wind turbines, culture, landscapes, and sound impressions. Land Use Policy, 46, 241-249.

Bates, A., & Firestone, J. (2014). Local Community Acceptance of an in-View Offshore Wind Power Demonstration Project.


Other Publications:

Bates, A., Samoteskul, K., Callahan, J., & Firestone, J. (2012). Delaware Marine Spatial Planning, Offshore Wind Context. Final Report, NOAA/Delaware Sea Grant.

Madsen, J., A. Bates, J. Callahan and J. Firestone (2011). Use of Geospatial Data in Planning for Offshore Wind Development. Geospatial Techniques for Managing Environmental Resources. J. K. Thakur, Singh, S.K., Ramanathan, A., Prasad, M.B.K., Gossel, W. Heidelberg, Germany, Springer and Capital publication.