Follow these links to individual faculty pages. Includes adjunct faculty whose offices are on campus or at Conte Lab.

Faculty in ECO

Old Listing

(will be discontinued in favor of an automatic listing)

Name Specialization Tel. & Location E-Mail
Anne Averill
Entomology–insects/plants; pollination 413-545-1054
301A Holdsworth
Paul K. Barten Forestry, hydrology, watershed management 413-545-4853
219 Holdsworth
Alison Bates  Renewable Energy & Sustainability 413-545-1768
209 Holdsworth
Kristina Bezanson 413-545-6626
David V. Bloniarz Urban forestry, landscape planning, urban design 413-545-3755
129 Holdsworth
Dwayne Breger Renewable energy and energy efficiency (413) 545-8510
209 Agricultural Engineering Building
Forrest Bowlick GIS 413-577-3813
260 Morrill
Bethany Bradley Biogeography and global change ecology 413-545-1764
318 Holdsworth
Brett J. Butler Human dimension of forestry 413-545-1387
201 Holdsworth
Paul Catanzaro Outreach to NIPF owners, Land Conservation, Estate Planning, Forest Management 413-545-4839
329 Holdsworth
Brian Cheng Marine ecology, mollusks, climate change, physiology and exotic predators  413-545-2454
115 Holdsworth

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Peggi L. Clouston Bio-based materials, wood mechanics and timber engineering 413-545-1884
316 Design Building
Andy J. Danylchuk Fish conservation, recreational fisheries, sustainable aquaculture 413-545-2940
311 Holdsworth/Lab Ag Eng. 102
Stephen DeStefano Wildlife ecology, population dynamics, habitat relationships, and human-wildlife interactions 413-545-4889
314 Holdsworth
Joseph Elkinton
Population ecology and biological control of invasive forest insects 413-545-4816
310 Ag. Engineering
John T. Finn Ecosystems modeling, geographic information systems 413-545-1819 313A Holdsworth/Lab 312B
L. Carl Fiocchi Building Systems 337 Design Building
Paul R. Fisette Professor Emeritus
Lena Fletcher Forest Ecology, old-growth forests, invasive species, and the ways that forest stands change over time 413-545-1799
Todd K. Fuller Mammal natural history, population ecology, international wildlife 413-545-4723
128 Holdsworth
Curtice R. Griffin Wetland wildlife ecology and management, biodiversity conservation 413-545-2640
205 Holdsworth
Alexander J. Haro Anadromous Fish Biology 413-863-3806
Conte Anadromous Research Center
Richard W. Harper
Urban and Community Forestry 320 Holdsworth Hall
Deborah Henson  Wetland ecology and soil science. Program Manager & Chief Undergraduate Advisor for Environmental Science Program 413-545-5226
310 Holdsworth
R. Bruce Hoadley,
(Professor Emeritus)
Wood identification and wood properties
Scott D. Jackson Wetlands, reptiles and amphibians, biodiversty 413-545-4743
328 Holdsworth
Adrian Jordaan
Fish ecology, ecosystems, fisheries and management 309 Holdsworth
Katherine J.  Kahl  Sustainable Fisheries and Coastal Resilience


Gloucester Marine Station  
Brian C. P. Kane Commercial Arboriculture 413-545-6637
214 Holdsworth/Lab 103A
Matthew J. Kelty
(Professor Emeritus)
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Ho-Sung Kim Sustainable building technology and building energy simulations 413-545-1970
320 Design Buidling
David King Forest wildlife management 413-545-6795
201 Holdsworth
David B. Kittredge Jr.
Forest management, timber harvesting, outreach to natural resources professionals, decision making, social networks, private woodland owners, forest policy
Lisa Komoroske  Conservation genomics and ecophysiology in marine and freshwater ecosystems 413-545-2491
127 Holdsworth Hall/Lab 107,108
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Joseph S. Larson
(Professor Emeritus)
Wetland wildlife ecology, wildlife policy Blaisdell House
Ben H. Letcher Population Ecology 413-863-3803
Conte Anadromous Research Center
Ezra Markowitz  Environmental decision-making, behavior change, persuasive communication 413-545-1237
303 Holdsworth Hall
Stephen D. McCormick Fish Ecology and aquaculture 413-863-3804
Conte Anadromous Research Center
Kevin McGarigal Landscape ecology, ecosystem management, wildlife ecology 413-577-0655 304 Holdsworth
Anita Milman Environmental governance, water policy, climate change adaptation 413-545-3749
210 Holdsworth/Lab 207B
Craig Nicolson Simulation and managing natural resources using computer models. 413-545-3154
218 Holdsworth
Keith Nislow Fisheries Biologist 413-545-1765
201 Holdsworth
William A. Patterson III, (Professor Emeritus) Fire management, forest ecology, paleoecology
Timothy O. Randhir Watershed management, water resources, hydrology, climate change, GIS and dynamic modeling, optimization, ecological economics and sustainability, resource policy 413-545-3969
326 Holdsworth
Allison Roy Urban ecology 413-545-4895
317 Holdsworth
H. Dennis P. Ryan III (Professor Emeritus) Arboriculture, urban forestry 413-545-6626
Alexander C. Schreyer Building Materials, Wood Technology, Digital Design and IT 413-545-1976
318 Design Building
Charles M. Schweik Information technology, geographic information systems, remote sensing, natural resources management and policy 413-545-1824
324 Holdsworth
Paul R. Sievert Conservation Biology, Physiological Ecology, and Biostatistics 413-545-4888
319 Holdsworth
Kristina Stinson Plant Ecology, Invasive Plants, Biological Responses to Global Change 413-577-3304
217 Holdsworth Hall/208
Christopher Sutherland Population Ecology 413-577-1770
118 Holdsworth Hall
Roy Van Driesche
Biological control of invasive species 413-545-1061
320 Ag. Eng.
Paige Warren Urban-Suburban Wildlife Ecology 413-545-0061
216 Holdsworth
207B Holdsworth
Benjamin Weil Energy Efficient Building 413-545-1820
321 Design Building