Alex ZiterAlexander Ziter

M.S. Candidate, Dual Degree – MS3/MRP


Sustainability Science program page

Western Massachusetts born and raised, I made the decision to stay local and attend Holyoke Community College. Obtaining an A.S. in Sustainability Science while also pursuing a certificate in Renewable Energy Resources. After my time in Holyoke I transferred to Westfield State University where I graduated with a B.S. in Regional Planning and Geography in 2018. During and after my time at WSU I was able to do some traveling in the states and abroad which, with the help of my professors enabled me to find my potential niche within the planning field. I am interested in studying what sustainable practices will be adapted for the newly legalized industry of adult use cannabis; specifically, the role communities have within the process. I enrolled in the MS3 program to further develop the skills and connections needed to be successful within this professional niche which I wish to carve out for myself.