Emma SylviaEmma Sylvia

M.S. Candidate, Renewable Energy and Efficient Design


Sustainability Science program page

I grew up in a little corner of the world known as southeastern Mass. At a young age, I’d spend hours outside in imaginative play with nature as my inspiration. I still find such magic and kinship in nature, especially while walking along the many forested trails throughout New England. I decided to stay local for my bachelor’s degree, and in 2019 I graduated with a B.A. in English and a minor in Sustainability from UMass Dartmouth. Having always maintained a respect for the environment, it wasn’t until my junior year of undergrad that I learned about the field of sustainability. I’m excited to join the MS3 program and come into it with a keen interest in community-wide waste reduction strategies; green-building technology; renewable energy; and the socio-cultural and spiritual facets that underpin the viability of the field. I hope to someday share what I learn through research or teaching at the university level. Though my penchant for plucking recyclable objects out of the trash remains my true passion, I also enjoy linguistics, history, film, video games, drag culture, and, most importantly, cats.