Specialization Tel. & Location
Toni Cunningham*
Admin Assistant MS3 tonic
Maggie DeGregorio
Linda S. Fortin* Academic Programs and Hourly Employees lsfortin
Katherine McCusker* Admin Assistant BCT kmccusker
Daniel Warner Accountant Tel TBD
Holdsworth Hall
Emily W. West Admin Assistant – Scheduling, Grad Program Assistance, Holdsworth Building Manager 413-545-2665
224 Holdsworth Hall
Deb Wright MA Cooperative Research Unit Administrative Assistant 413-545-0398
224 Holdsworth Hall

* Part-time

Who to Contact?

People in ECO (faculty, students, staff) can find out in the list below who to contact for specific questions.

Personnel actions:

  • Undergraduate Student Hires – Submit via Student Hire Request Form. Processed by: Linda
  • Teaching Assistants & Faculty Appointments (lecturers, etc) – Send to: Lori
  • Research Assistants, Post Doc’s/Research Fellows, 03’s (classified) – Send to: Carolyn


  • Purchase requests – Submit via Purchasing Request Form or send to Carolyn, Ellen, Lori & Deb (one of us will process)
  • ProCard statements – Send to Carolyn (copy Ellen) as a signed document and she’ll sign and submit. (Submit reallocations requests to Carolyn ASAP or prior to 30 days for easier transfers.
  • Hours for submission for hourly and student employees – Continue to send to Linda and Carolyn
  • Post Doc & Research Fellows – Report your time to Lori and Carolyn

Physical Spaces:

  • New Graduate Student desk and registration – Emily
  • Keys or work requests to Physical Plant – Emily
  • If an entry/exit door to Holdsworth is unlocked, phone 545-6401 to report. Building security is a must in these times.
  • Leaks and building maintenance needs – Emily
  • Break-ins or unauthorized persons – Report directly to UMass police. From your cell, call 413-545-3111 (UMPD emergency) for the quickest response. From campus landline phones, dial 911. (Auto connects to UMPD.) Also, notify Curt.

Academics and Grants:

  • Class scheduling for ECo & NRC – Emily, for BCT – Kath McCusker, for ENVSCI – Deb Henson ; new course requests i.e. X97 courses or course cancellations need Curt’s approval
  • Grants – if at all possible, use CNS Research Support Services Note: they need a 30-day advance notice. Carolyn only has limited capacity to help faculty with new grant proposals & budgets
  • McIntire and Hatch projects – Carolyn