Follow these links to individual staff pages.

Administrative Staff in Environmental Conservation

Barnes, Toby

BCT Academic Advisor

Capponcelli, Kelly

Administrative Assistant

Cunningham, Toni

MS3 Administrative Assistant

DeGregorio, Maggie

Human Resources Coordinator

Ferreira, Lexie

Business Manager

Janes, Evan

Olver Design Building Shop & Building Manager

Warner, Daniel


Wright, Deb

MA Cooperative Research Unit Administrative Assistant

Whom to Contact

The first person listed is the main contact.


  • Course Scheduling:   Deb Henson
  • Vehicle Reservation:   Lexie
  • Guest Parking Permits:   Maggie
  • Graduate Program Support:   Maggie
  • Course Overrides:   Submit form here.

Facilities & Operations

  • Vehicle & Building Repair Requests:   Lexie
  • Office & Lab Keys:   Lexie or Maggie
  • Copier & Office Supplies:   Emily
  • UPS/FedEx Shipping:   Daniel
  • Break-ins or Unauthorized Persons:   Report directly to UMass police. From your cell, call 413-545-3111 (UMPD emergency) for the quickest response. From campus landline phones, dial 911. (Auto connects to UMPD.


  • Capacity Project Support:   Daniel
  • Faculty GOF/RTF/Startup Accounts:   Lexie or Daniel
  • USGS MA Coop. Research Unit:   Deb
  • Purchasing (BuyWays or OneCard):   Daniel / Lexie / Deb

Grant Operations

  • Pre-Award Support:   CNS Research Support can assist faculty and professional staff with pre-award development. Submit a support request here.
  • Post-Award Support:   Lexie

Human Resources

  • Student Hires:   Submit via Student Hire Request Form. Processed by Maggie.
  • Time & Attendance Sheets:   Maggie (cc Lexie on email submission)
  • TA & RA Appointments:   Maggie
  • Hiring Post-Docs, Research Fellows, 03s:   Lexie


  • Out-of-State / Overnight Travel Approval:   Lexie / Paige
  • Travel Reimbursement:   Maggie / Daniel / Deb / Lexie
  • Travel Reimbursement Request Guidelines can be found here.
  • Please remember to register your travel in the UMass Travel Registry (TerraDotta).


  • Departmental Website:   Lexie
  • Email Listservs:   Lexie
  • ECo social media accounts are managed by Alex Schreyer and Paige Warren