Christian MarksChristian Marks


Primary Interests

  • Floodplain processes and restoration
  • Forest community ecology
  • Form and function in trees

Current Projects

  • Quantification of critical thresholds in floodplain processes to help guide restoration.
  • Building trait-based models of forest community assembly.
  • Development of more disease resistant American elms.

Selected Publications

Marks C.O., Garcia E., Molin J.P. (in press) Scale and climate regulation as a conservation incentive. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

Marks C.O., Yellen B.C., Wood S.A., Nislow K.H. (in press) Variation in tree growth along soil formation and microtopographic gradients in riparian forests. Wetlands

Marks C.O., Atia H. (in press) Seedling submergence tolerances accurately predict riparian tree species distributions: insights to help design environmental flows. Wetlands

Marks C.O., Muller-Landau H.C., Tilman D. (2017) Tree diversity in relation to maximum tree height: evidence for the harshness hypothesis of species diversity gradients. Ecology Letters 20: 398-399.

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