Kent Hicks, CPHC

Principal, East Branch Studio

Adjunct Professor, Building and Construction Technology

R: East Branch Studio (off-campus)
T: +1 (413) 296-0123

Mr. Hicks is the principal of East Branch Studio (EBS), the parent company for East Branch Homes (EBH), a builder of high performance homes in Western Massachusetts. The focus of the company’s construction services encompasses custom healthy net-zero homes, passivhaus, energy retrofits and offers full design services. Additionally EBS is involved with teaching and assisting with community projects.

He currently co-teaches BCT’s contribution to our DesignBuild curriculum, which in Spring 2022 led to the construction of the Hygge House, an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) that had a temporary stop as an Auxiliary Stage at the Green River Festival before it moved to its final site in Holyoke, MA. There it will be a contributor to One Holyoke CDC’s effort to address affordable housing for qualified families.

Additionally, Mr. Hicks is focused on environmental and climate equity while collaborating with non-profit organizations working locally and globally. He has learned a great deal from these organizations in supporting education, employment and community engagement in the various projects while lowering carbon emissions and planning for climate resiliency. He has also written and lectured extensively on these topics. Mr. Hicks’ connection with the Natural Environment is in synchrony with his expertise in the Built Environment. Mr. Hicks is nationally known for his background and experience in both wilderness survival and tracking. He has been a contributor and consultant to both literary efforts and law enforcement and search and rescue training programs.

Primary Interests

  • Design-build programs
  • High-performance construction

Courses Taught

  • BCT Design Build Practicum

Selected Publications

Kent Hicks CV