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Adjunct Faculty in ECO

Bank, Michael S.
Adjunct Associate Professor of Contaminant Biology Institute of Marine Research – Bergen, Norway Chairperson, Society of Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry Global Mercu...

Deluca, William V.
Adjunct Assistant Professor Research Associate Northeast Climate Science Center Department of Environmental Conservation 160 Holdsworth Way University of Massachusetts 443-223-0991...

Gwiazdowski, Rodger
Dr. Rodger Gwiazdowski (/(g)wiz·daʊ·skē/) Adjunct Assistant Professor Phone: (413) 320-3755 Email: rodger.gwiazdowski AT Curriulum vitae  Areas of specialization: I...

Marks, Christian
Email: cmarks ’at’ Links: The Nature Conservancy  Connecticut River Program  Primary Interests: Dr. Marks’s area of research is forest ecology and conservation. Cur...

Milam, Joan
Adjunct Research Fellow   Areas of specialization: Bee taxonomy, ecology and conservation   Research description: The focus of my research is on the taxonomy, biodiversit...

Monosson, Emily
Email: *protected email* Primary Interests I am an environmental toxicologist and writer. Over the years I have become interested in how life’s response to toxic chemicals is sh...

Morelli, Toni Lyn
Adjunct Assistant Professor/ USGS Research Ecologist Northeast Climate Science Center 134 Morrill Science Center University of Massachusetts Office: 413-545-2515 morelli at umass ...

Organ, John F.
Adjunct Associate Professor Email: *protected email* Primary interests Dr. Organ is Chief of the Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units and Senior Science Advisor for Cooper...

Staudinger, Michelle
Staudinger, Michelle D. Adjunct Assistant Professor / Science Coordinator Northeast Climate Science Center 134 Morrill Science Center University of Massachusetts Amherst Office Pho...

Stein, Andrew B.
Adjunct Associate Professor Phone: 774-641-6664 Email: *protected email* Primary interests Dr. Stein is interested in interface between wildlife and people. His experience includes...

Zahler, Peter I.
  Adjunct Assistant Professor Vice President of Conservation Initiatives Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA 206-484-1722 Email: *protected email*   Primary interests Peter Za...

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Specialization Tel. & Location
Aijla Aksamija Building
science and sustainability
 Arch. & Design at UMass
Andy Anderson Acad. Tech. Spec. Amherst College
Wayne J. Arendt Research Scientist Intl. Inst. Trop. For., USDA Forest Service, Puerto Rico
Michael Armstrong Fisheries Biology MA Division of Fish and Wildlife  
Michael Bank  Research Scientist Institute of Marine Research – Bergen – Norway 
Eduardo Carrillo Professor Instituto Internacional en Conservación y Manejo de Vida Silvestre Universidad Nacional, Heredia, Costa Rica
Ted Castro-Santos Fish
U.S.G.S. Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center, Turners Falls, Mass
Charlotte Causton Senior
Charles Darwin Foundation, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
William DeLuca  Post-Doc ECO, UMass
Aaron Ellison Ecology Harvard Forest
John Fabel  Research Scientist  Cleantech , Amherst " target="_blank" rel="noopener">
Richard Feldman Research Scientist  Unid. Rec. Nat., Merida, Mexico
Evan Grant Research Scientist  U.S.G.S. Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center, Turners Falls, Mass.
Rodger Gwiazdowski  Insect conservation & ecology, molecular systematics and biodiversity informatics
Warren Johnson Conservation Geneticist Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
Michael Jones Research Scientist  ECO, UMass
Boyd Kynard Migratory Fish Behavior, Fish Passage 413-253-9421/BK-Riverfish, LLC Amherst
Susannah Lerman

Urban Wildlife Ecology, Citizen Science

USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station, 201 Holdsworth

Christian O. Marks
Floodplain Forest Ecologist The Nature Conservancy
Connecticut River Program
Joan Milam

Bee taxonomy, ecology and conservation

 ECO, UMass
Emily Monosson Environmental Toxicologist  ECO, UMass
Toni Lyn Morelli Climate Change Ecology 134 Morrill Science Center
UMass, Amherst
Keith H. Nislow Research Fisheries Biologist U.S.D.A. Forest Service, Northeastern Research Station, Amherst
John Organ Carnivore ecology; furbearer management; conservation history; human wildlife interactions Chief of the Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units
Mary Ratnaswamy  Director  DOI Northeast Climate Science Center, Amherst, Mass
Alan M. Richmond Senior Lecturer II/Curator
Morrill Science Ctr., UMass
Deborah Rocque  Deputy
 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Hadley, Mass
Robert Smith Research Scientist ECO, UMass
Michelle Staudinger  Science Coordinator 134 Morrill Science Center
Andrew Stein Asst. Prof. Landmark College, Vermont
Alexander Stepanov
Campus Planning, UMass Amherst
Sadie Stevens Lands & Development Program Chief U S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Hadley, Mass
David Stillman Scuba Diving Instructor Project Deep -Gloucester , MA
Jonathan Thompson Senior
Harvard Forest, Petersham, Mass
Mark Tisa Deputy
 Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, State of Mass
Peter I. Zahler  Wildlife conservation  Regional Director, Asia Program. Coordinator, Snow Leopard Program  




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