James Webb, Andy Danylchuk, Craig Hollingsworth, Emily Hart, Zac Bloom

May 23, 2012

– Kampala, Uganda – UMASS Environmental Conservation Team delivers Recirculating Aquaculture Workshop in Uganda – Dr. James Webb, a Post-Doc in the Department of Environmental Conservation has developed, and is leading a workshop for stakeholders interested in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems in Uganda. Fish make up an important component of food consumption in Uganda. The workshop is a week-long event covering water movement, fish requirements, oxygen, waste, managing fish growth and the economics of these systems.  Attendees span aquaculture practitioners, consultants, and NGOs interested in the development of the aquaculture industry in Uganda.


Dr. Webb is assisted by Dr. Andy Danylchuk, Dr. Craig Hollingsworth, Dr. David Damery and graduate students in Environmental Conservation Emily Hart and Zac Bloom.  After completing the workshop, the project team will travel to Soroti, in the Teso region of Northeast Uganda where they are contributing to the development of a new school, Teso University, that will feature a curriculum including sustainable technologies. The proposed, innovative curriculum, will include experiential learning in the areas of sustainable aquaculture and sustainable construction technologies.  The team is working in cooperation with Pilgrim Africa, the NGO spearheading the development of Teso University.