2013 JamboreeSaturday April 20, 2013

Eleven students in the Arboriculture & Community Forestry program competed at the 8th annual UMass Student Tree Climbing Competition.

Although the day started out with a little drizzle, the sun eventually shone through and all of the participants had a great day. Students competed in three events:  throwline, in which a competitor sets a climbing line over a predetermined branch; speed climb, in which a competitor climbs 40′ up a tree as quickly as possible; and the work climb, which tests a climber’s ability to move safely and efficiently DSCN2855through the crown of a tree.

Tim Ryan was the overall winner, followed closely by Luke Longstreeth and Andy Tataronis. Grad student Mark Reiland who, with Todd Beals and Brian Kane, set up the events, was very impressed with the students’

performance. “I thought all of the students did a good job demonstrating their tree climbing skills today,” he noted. Dr. Ryan agreed, adding, “The students are getting ready to head out into the workforce, and they’ve really improved their skills over the past few years.”





Jamboree Sign