Courtesy: News & Media Relations

Ketkale will work in the New York office of Cushman & Wakefield, a global, multibillion-dollar commercial real estate firm. She will focus on the company’s corporate social responsibility strategy, including carbon disclosure methods and reporting, and will help activate software to better track, manage, analyze and report energy consumption and patterns.

“I want to go into corporate sustainability, and this fellowship is one of the best in my field,” says Ketkale, who was supported by her advisor, Darci Maresca, assistant director of the School of Earth and Sustainability, and Alison Bates, the graduate program director.

Ketkale says she’s inspired to work in environmental conservation after seeing her hometown, Bangalore, India, grow increasingly polluted and suffer “an overall degradation in the standard of living, in spite of increasing riches. I believe in this cause,” she says.

She is set to graduate at the end of the year with a master of science degree in sustainability science, which is designed to create interdisciplinary problem-solvers and prepare students for sustainability-focused positions in industry, government or nonprofits.