Fridays from 12:20 to 1:10 in Holdsworth Hall Room 305

February 6 – The Oregon Biscuit Fire: A Large Ecological and Political Disturbance
Jonathan Thompson, Harvard Forest 

February 13 – The Asian Longhorned Beetle in Massachusetts
Robert Childs, University of Massachusetts

February 20 – Crown Reconfiguration and Trunk Stress in Deciduous Trees
Brian Kane, University of Massachusetts

February 27 – TBA – Faculty candidate seminar

March 6 – TBA – Faculty candidate seminar

March 13 – TBA – Faculty candidate seminar

March 20 – No seminar – Spring Break

March 27 TBA – Faculty candidate seminar

April 3 –  Landscape Genetic Approach to the Study of Landscape Connectivity: Case Study for Black Bears in the Northern Rocky Mountains
Sam Cushman, U.S. Forest Service

April 10  – Is There a Better Way to Count Elephants: Assessment of Strip Transect and Distance Sampling on Aerial Surveys of Elephants in Kruger National Park
Curtice Griffin, University of Massachusetts

April 17 – Preparing for the Sea: Behavior, Physiology and Conservation of Atlantic Salmon
Stephen McCormick, U.S. Geological Survey

April 24 – Responses of Tropical Avian Populations to Habitat Fragmentation
Viviana Ruiz-Gutierrez, Cornell University

May 1 – Paying Privately for the Playing Public: Maine’s Finite Family Forests
Jessica Leahy, University of Maine

May 8 – Timescapes: A Landscape Ecological Approach to the Study of Streamflow
Richard Koehler, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

For additional information, contact:  Brett Butler (; 545-1387)