Jon Royce (STK '06).JPG On April, 19, 2008, students in the Arboriculture & Community Forestry program organized  and competed in a tree climbing jamboree today in the large trees  near the Clark Memorial on Orchard Hill. Eleven students competed in  four events: work Marcy Gladdys (STK '06) footlocks.JPG climb, in which climbers move through the tree  simulating pruning tasks; belayed speed climb, in which climbers  scramble 40′ up the tree; secured footlock, in which climbers ascend  the rope without touching the tree; and throwline, in which climbers  set their climbing ropes high into the canopy of a tree.

The students showed great enthusiasm, mutual support, and excellent  skills as they undertook each task, while judges (including many  alumni) rated their performance. The overall winner was Kyle McCabe,  a freshman; Dan Watkins, a junior, took second, andEd Carpenter (UMass '06).JPG Rich Bailey  (sophomore) and Marcy Gladdys (senior) tied for third place. Vendors  and tree care companies from throughout New England donated nearly  $2,000 worth of prizes, enough that every competitor took home  something for their effort. The beautiful sunny day reflected the  great spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship of all participants.

Dr. Kane congratulates overall winner, Kyle McCabe (STK '09)Special thanks go to all the students and judges who participated, in  particular, Chris Pineau (junior), Dan Cohen (junior), and Marcy  Gladdys, for organizing the event. For more information on the  Arboriculture and Community Forestry program, contact Dr. Dennis Ryan  or Dr. Brian Kane.




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