With an increasing number of our courses now online, we are announcing the immediate availability of the following professional education courses for the upcoming Summer Terms (Summer 1: 5/17 – 6/25; Summer 2: 7/6 – 8/13).

There is no need to be a matriculated UMass student to take these courses. Anyone with a professional interest in our field can take them on a per-credit fee basis through University Without Walls (UWW).

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Many of these courses can be taken to fulfill requirements of our Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Building Construction or our Professional Masters in Sustainable Building Systems. Contact us anytime if you would like to learn more about those options.

Summer 1 Upcoming Courses

  • International Construction
    The main objective of this course is to prepare the students to try to adjust to working in a global environment and cultural differences around the world. Engineering and construction (E&C) professionals are required to work for global clients in foreign countries or working with foreign nationals within their own countries. The preparations for moving overseas are similar to planning any E&C project; they require planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. In this course, the students will become familiar with the following topics: Global Engineering and Construction, The Concept of culture and Global issues important to engineers and constructors, Managing Global Engineering and Construction Projects, Global Competitiveness in the engineering and construction industry, Global engineering and construction Alliances, Global Legal Issues, Global Environmental Issues, Global Productivity Issues, Global Planning and Construction Delays, Global Terrorism: Kidnapping, Preparing Engineers and Constructors to Work Globally, Country-Specific Information
    Online | BCT 597Z | 3 credits
    Instructor: Fernando Romero Galvao De Moraes

Summer 2 Upcoming Courses

  • Sustainable Building and LEED Certification
    The LEED Professional Credentials indicate professional excellence and a strong depth of knowledge as well as practical understanding of the LEED Rating Systems and how they apply to the high-performance design and construction of the built environment. Preparing to take the LEED Green Associate and AP exams requires more than taking one course; it is a process that involves acquisition of disciplinary knowledge and understanding of complex building and environmental systems. This course introduces core concepts of the USGBC LEED Rating Systems and assists students in study and preparation for the LEED Green Associate exam.
    Online | BCT 414 | 3 credits
    Instructor: Ho-Sung Kim
  • LEED AP Exam Accelerator
    This is an intensive course designed for those interested in pursuing the LEED Accredited Professional (AP) credential, as a part of the goal to become project managers in construction-related fields, or to upgrade existing skills and knowledge of sustainable development best practices. This course takes a deeper dive into the LEED credits, with an emphasis on knowledge required for the LEED AP exam; a valuable credential in today?s competitive job market. Structured assignments provide the opportunity to grasp real-world challenges and impacts, and to understand the dramatic increase in high performance building certifications during the last 20 years. The course content integrates tools such as customized study sheets, architectural models, practice exam questions, insights from practitioners, and other strategies designed to maximize knowledge retention and success in preparing for the LEED AP Exam. Open to all majors.
    Online | BCT 597X | 3 Credits
    Instructor: Paul Wolff

Find Courses and Enroll  

(filter by “Subject” and look for “Building and Construction Technology” or “Environmental Conservation”)

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