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Randhir and Military College of Colombia facultyEnvironmental Conservation professor Timothy Randhir gave a keynote address in a climate change and sustainability conference held May 23-24 at the National University of Colombia in Bogota in preparation for the Rio + 20 Earth Summit in June.

Rio + 20, the short name for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, is a much anticipated meeting in Rio de Janeiro of world leaders and parties to shape future efforts in sustainable development.

At the Colombian conference, “Toward a new climate agreement 2012-2020 or death of the Kyoto protocol,” Randhir spoke on facilitating adaptation to climatic change through trans-disciplinary approaches and used his recent research on climate change adaptation in Key West, Fla.

During the trip, Randhir also spoke at the Military University of Colombia on integrated modeling and ecological economics for addressing climatic change. Academic discussions with faculty and students were conducted on emerging methodological issues in climatic change research.

The two major universities in Colombia expressed strong interest in further collaborations with UMass Amherst on climate change and sustainability issues, said Randhir.

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