The Quantitative Sciences Group (QSG) has developed a new website
( to facilitate dissemination of information
pertaining to the objectives of QSG. In particular, the website provides
information on the purpose of QSG, the quantitative courses offered, the
free consultation service provided and the R tutorials being developed.

The R tutorials are a new development of QSG this fall. To initiate the
tutorial series, we have posted three tutorials including an
Introduction to R, Data Manipulations, and Linear Regression. We have
several more in the works, including Binary Logistic Regression,
Proportional Logistical Regression, Binary Logistic Regression for use
versus available data (i.e. presence only data), Paired (or conditional
or case-controlled) Logistic Regression, Multi-level Occupancy Models,
Multi-level N-mixture Models, and others, and we will be posting these
periodically as they are completed.