Courtesy: UMass News & Media

Max Roman Dilthey

AMHERST, Mass. – University of Massachusetts Amherst graduate student Max Roman Dilthey, studying sustainability science at the College of Natural Sciences, has been awarded the $2,000 New England Outdoor Writers Association (NEOWA) Scholarship.

The award is given annually to one student from each of the six New England land grant universities who study in fields relating to the outdoors, conservation, and the environment.

Dilthey was chosen “because of his commitment to nature, his glowing passion…and his devotion beyond his studies,” says Tom Fuller, treasurer of NEOWA. Fuller also notes that Dilthey’s writing on his personal website “Max, the Cyclist,” which covers cycling, hiking, and backpacking, “factored into him receiving the award.”

The North Adams native studies urban development and, along with fellow graduate student Laurie Simmons, helps lecturer Lena Fletcher teach the “Sustainable Living: Solutions for the 21st Century” course at UMass Amherst.

Dilthey was nominated by faculty and staff in the department of environmental conservation and is honored by the award.

“I feel humbled…that my department knows what I am doing outside of my academic work,” says Dilthey.

He adds “I am excited that this award will connect me to other outdoor writers in the area. It’s a good connection to the other world that I am interested in getting involved in.”

In addition to writing about the outdoors, Dilthey says he writes about solar, fossil fuels, and other sustainable urban environment topics. He is a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, where he earned bachelor’s degrees in communication and environmental studies.

Dilthey will be presented with the scholarship at the NEOWA annual meeting on April 9. The NEOWA is a non-profit membership based organization that promotes good sportsmanship and conservation of natural resources. Past UMass Amherst recipients of the award include Harry Spampinato, Jared Starr, Emma Nelson, Matthew Stevens and Rachel Precious.

UMass Amherst students have access to 25 majors and 15 graduate programs focused on sustainability, including the master of science in sustainability science.