CNS-wordmarkBCT faculty member Simi Hoque just received this year’s CNS college’s Outstanding Service/Outreach award. We congratulate her on that amazing accomplishment! From the announcement:

Simi Hoque, Environmental Conservation, recently received a five-year, $508,714 NSF CAREER award to develop an integrated planning tool that will measure, evaluate and predict the impacts of energy, water and land use, waste management and transportation systems at an urban scale. The green building expert intends it to help planners and policymakers guide growth and development in a coordinated, sustainable way. Hoque, an assistant professor in the Building and Construction Technology Program, points out that cities today account for almost two-thirds of the world’s primary energy demand, a figure projected to increase to three-quarters by 2030. “The current urban outlook demands a comprehensive understanding of urban sustainability policies to address climate change and energy security,” she says. Read more

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