Dr. Ben Weil along with PhD candidate Carl Fiocchi with the Building and Construction Technology program and Facilities and Planning’s Ludmilla Pavlova presented “Holdsworth Hall:  Proposed Rehabilitation and Impacts” at last week’s Preservation Series conference at the Campus Center here at UMASS Amherst last week.  The symposium, Green Design and Historic Preservation: Exploring the Building Envelope sponsored by Department of Environmental Conservation, Building and Construction Technology, Department of Architecture & Design, and UMass/Hancock Shaker Village Historic Preservation Program kicked off with a standing room only audience at the Lincoln Campus Center on October 19, 2012.

Attending the symposium were architects, engineers, faculty, historic building caretakers, and students.  The five presentations of the afternoon, with content ranging from technical to practical, covered diverse topics, all relating to the building envelope. Topics ranged from a macro view of a building’s impact on climate change to a micro examination of energy flows within individual building components.