ISA is pleased to welcome Alex Julius as the Educational Development Manager in the Educational Goods and Services Department. Alex, who attained her Board Certified Master Arborist credential in May, began working at ISA on February 27, 2013, and became immediately immersed in the launch of the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification program. In her new role, she will continue to work on the development and advancement of a variety of educational programs and products for ISA members and credential holders

In 2009, Alex graduated from Smith College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture and Urbanism with a focus on Landscape Studies. While attending Smith, she interned for the Smith College Botanic Garden and the Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University, and she credits Dr. Brian Kane of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst with teaching her how to climb trees safely. Alex says it was during this time that she became “hooked on trees.”

At Smith, Alex was the first student allowed to work as the arborist’s assistant, climbing and pruning the campus trees. After graduating, she took an arborist intern position at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, and then continued on to graduate school at UMass. While there, she worked for Dr. Kane, who inspired her thesis project involving the study of tree worker compliance with the ANSI Z133 standard in New England, stratified by ISA Certification and TCIA Accreditation. In 2012, Alex received her Master of Science degree in Arboriculture and Urban Forestry. She says, “I owe a great deal of gratitude to my thesis committee: Dr. Brian Kane, Dr. Dennis Ryan, and Dr. Maria Bulzacchelli.”

With a focus on promoting safe work practices in arboriculture, Alex went to work for a commercial tree care company with the goal of changing worker perception of safety on a local level. When she saw the job posting for the Educational Development Manager position at ISA, she recognized it as an excellent opportunity to be involved in positive change in the tree care industry on a global level.

Alex is a native of Los Angeles, California, where she spent the first 18 years of her life with her “very supportive and loving family.” She and her sister were inspired to become successful by both their mother and father, and Alex says that her mother always encouraged them to become strong, independent women.

Alex likes to keep life interesting with new and unconventional activities. She enjoys playing stride and ragtime piano, rock climbing, bike riding, jigsaw-puzzling, crocheting, and yoga, and she recently took up slacklining. Alex says she loves to compete in many sports and also still loves to climb trees. She adds that she “hopes to continue competing for as long as her body will allow.”

ISA staff feels fortunate to have Alex onboard as part of the ISA Headquarters Team!