“The Fall “Open Source Science/Maker” class co-taught by Charlie Schweik (ECo/CPPA), Steve Brewer (Bio), Rick Peltier (Public Health) and Alex Schreyer (ECo) filmed an end-of-semester show at local cable access station, Amherst Media. The show, entitled “Makers@Amherst Media: Maker Class Presentations 12-14-2015” is part of the “Makers @ Amherst Media” video series. In the show, undergraduate and graduate students from Environmental Conservation, Public Policy and other programs presented their open source science or policy projects.

Projects described include:

1) An open source tethered submarine called OpenROV for video capture of underwater objects 

2) The use of unmanned aerial systems (e.g., quadcopters) for plant invasive species and storm damage inventories

3) Current public policy status on the use of unmanned aerial systems in the United States

4) The development of a low cost wearable open source environmental sensors for datalogging people’s exposure to blue light

5) The development of a low cost, wearable open source sensor to log air quality (ozone)

6) The development of an “Outernet” installation at UMass Amherst

The hour-long segment is currently being streamed on Amherst Cable Access Channel 12 and is available online at https://amherstmedia.org/content/makers-amherst-media-makers-class-presentations-12-14-15.