“Since becoming the Unit Leader of the Massachusetts Coop Unit in 1999, Dr. DeStefano  has exhibited significant  leadership to build and maintain cooperator relationships. Dr. DeStefano  worked effectively with the University of Massachusetts and state cooperators to hire Dr. Allison Roy this past year.                                   The Massachusetts Unit is a fully functioning Unit enjoying strong support from both state and federal cooperators, working on a diversity of issues both in the northeast and internationally.  Through Dr. DeStefano’s leadership cooperating faculty enjoy significant  funding opportunities from the US Fish and Wildlife Service and others.  In addition to leadership  of the Unit, Dr. DeStephano maintains an active program of scientific  research, including  landscape  level work on moose distribution and bobcat habitat use in the urban/rural interface. Dr. DeStephano leads a vibrant, active, and productive Unit of 20 graduate students and post docs, producing  nearly 40 publications in 5 years.”

“Dr. DeStefano has truly exhibited  outstanding leadership  to the scientific  community and to the Massachusetts Unit’s cooperators. His research,  technical assistance, and administrative efforts have all been outstanding and deserving  of this Leadership award.”

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DeStefano, Stephen