jordaan12.12Dr. Adrian Jordaan was awarded $324,999 for Pew Charitable Trust for his project entitled:”Evaluating the historical role of forage fish in lost fisheries production: Implications for future sustainability”

“The Lenfest Ocean Program is a grantmaking program that funds scientific research on policy-relevant topics concerning the world’s oceans and communicates the results of the supported research to decision makers and other interested audiences.”

“Research projects supported by the Lenfest Ocean Program are motivated by policy questions for which additional scientific information could help inform decision makers of relevant marine science. They focus on the environmental, economic and social impacts of fishing, fisheries management and aquaculture.”

“The Program does not accept unsolicited proposals. Instead, staff consult with scientists, stakeholders and decision makers to distill policy-relevant research questions and then canvass the scientific community to identify experts within their fields to formulate and conduct informative projects. A critical factor in developing research projects is determining the type of project that will be directly relevant to marine policy decisions.”

Lenfest Ocean Program