On Saturday May 9th, 12 climbers, 8 judges, and a brave crowd of spectators spent a somewhat rainy day at the 3rd Annual UMass Student Tree Climbing Competition. Dan Cohen, a senior urban forestry major, organized the competition this year, with help from Dan Watkins and Dave Welch, who designed the t-shirts. As usual, the competitors put on a great show, and the overall winner, for the second time, was Kyle McCabe, a senior in the Stockbridge Arboriculture & Community Forestry program. Dr. Brian Kane, co-director of the Arboriculture & Community Forestry program said, "Every year, I’m so impressed with how well the students perform. I see them as freshmen, in the climbing lab, and within a couple of years, they’ve matured into very good climbers. I also can’t thank Dan Cohen enough, since he really took it upon himself to organize the competition. We’re also really fortunate to have so many alumni who returned to help out with judging, it’s a real tribute to their commitment toUMass and Stockbridge."