On May 4th, 2017, ECO awards were given out to our many deserving students. 



***42nd Annual Student Awards Event***

Curtice Griffin

Master of Ceremonies

***May 3, 2017***



Alexander Schreyer, Presenter


Outstanding Senior – Building and Construction Technology

Greg Connery, Evan Tarbox

For scholarship and departmental involvement.

Harry L. Folsom Award from the Donald B. Hyde Memorial Fund

Sam Brodeur, Elise Fabbri, Oscar Hansen, Thomas Jiang, Congke Li, Kenny Nguyen, Sam Schale, Jake Schick

For academic accomplishment, financial need, and professional potential.
The Henry E. Zottoli Memorial Scholarship

Zachary Deguzman, Kathleen O’Connor

To students who possess a highly developed work ethic and demonstrate unusual entrepreneurial potential.



Forest Ecology & Conservation

Dr. Paul Barten, Presenter

Outstanding Senior – Forestry

Ian Weishar
For scholarship and departmental involvement.

Herschel G. Abbott Award

Ian Weishar
To an outstanding forestry student for scholarship.

Edwin A. Pruchnik Memorial Scholarship

William Devore
To a junior/senior or graduate student for excellence in field activities.

Frank M. West Scholarship

Ashley Casello, Austin Ford, Brendan Kelly, Peter Murphy, Bryn Willingham
For academic achievement and leadership ability.

Arnold D. Rhodes Scholarship

Julia Sidman
To a junior/senior/ graduate student for academic performance and leadership.

Donald L. Mader Scholarship

Erin Coates-Connor, Mercedes Harris
To a junior/senior/graduate student for academic achievement.

Roy Elliot Memorial Fund

Jessica Duquenoy, Rebecca Holdowsky, Emmett Lollis-Taylor,
For character and good academic standing.


Urban Forestry and Arboriculture

Mark Reiland, Presenter


Bartlett Tree Foundation Scholarship

Shayne Bradford, Hans Granquist

The Mass Arborist Association Scholarship

Nicholas Falcione, Norberto Marrero

The Mass Tree Wardens & Foresters Association Scholarship

Tierney Bosci, William Dell’Erba, Austin Grove, Michael Tilton, Nicholas Turnberg

The South Eastern Mass Tree Wardens Association Scholarship

Nicholas Falcione, Cory Rebello, Casey Reed



Water Resources and Environmental Conservation

Dr. Timothy Randhir, Presenter


Outstanding Senior – Environmental Conservation

Morgan O’Connor
To a senior for scholarship and involvement.

Charles Mason Powell Scholarship

Holly Giard, Lauren Healey, Jonah Miller, Eric Wuesthoff
To a junior for scholarship, involvement, and academic achievement.

Paula Milner Scholarship

Kate Iaquinto
To a full-time graduate student pursuing a degree in the environmental conservation program and who exhibits a love of nature and concern for the preservation of the environment.

ECo Graduate Fellowship Award

Joseph Drake, Hollie Sutherland
To an Environmental Conservation Graduate student for academic excellence.

Esther Warner Scholarship

Caley Earls, Holly Giard, Kate Keery, Kathy Le, Muhammad Munir, MaryEllen Shearer-Manley, Eric Wuesthoff
In memory of Esther H. Warner and Raymond C. Warner, to provide important scholarship support to students majoring in Forestry and Natural Resource Studies.

Margaret and Stanley Baran Scholarship

Renee Bouldin, Caley Earls

To a student pursuing a degree in Natural Resources.


Wildlife Ecology & Conservation  and

Fisheries Ecology & Conservation

Dr. Todd Fuller, Presenter


Outstanding Senior-Fisheries

Kyle Grasso

John Boreman Fisheries Award

Matthew Devine

To a Graduate student conducting fisheries research in the Environmental Conservation Graduate Program or the UMass Intercampus Marine Science Graduate Program.

Richard Cronin Fisheries Research Fund

Lian Guo

To support a graduate student research project.

Roger J. Reed Memorial Fund

Caley Earls

To a junior/senior/graduate student for professional potential in and enhancement of the Fisheries Biology field.

Outstanding SeniorWildlife  

Sue Lynn Hanson

For scholarship, enthusiasm, and departmental involvement.

Brian M. Moeckel Memorial Scholarship Fund

Carolyn Gorss

To a graduate student enrolled in the Wetlands Conservation program.

Blodget Fund for Ornithological Studies

Cory Elowe

For Ornithological studies.

ECo Summer Research Internship Awardees

Mei Rockwell-Postel, Kathleen Supynuk

Given to provide students at the Amherst campus for field research experience and training associated with research projects on forest plants or forest wildlife.

DeGraaf Summer Research Internship Awardees

Andrew Koval, Abigail Thomas

For undergraduate students to gain field research experience and training with US Forest Service scientists at the Northern Research Center.



Dr. Deborah Henson, Presenter


Outstanding Senior- Environmental Science

Randa Kallin

For scholarship and departmental involvement.

Outstanding Junior- Environmental Science

Emily Brown

For scholarship and departmental involvement.

Shepard Environmental Science Scholarship

Bryan Chua, David Ferguson, Kristen Michaud

To deserving undergraduate students, based on financial need, to support faculty and student research.

Linda G. Lockwood Environmental Science Scholarship

Stephen Lukas, Tyler Sellner, Megan Thompson-Munson,

To deserving undergraduate students in the Environmental Science Programs.

Ned Taft Internship Awardee

Renee Bouldin

To give qualifying undergraduate or graduate students the opportunity to work with professionals in the field and to further critical research efforts related to environmental science, especially aquatic ecology.

Environmental Law & Justice Award

David Cotrone, Leigh Henjes

To a graduating senior in Environmental Science who has been accepted into law school.



Below are photos from the event.