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The ECo Grad Council (EGC) is the official Graduate Student Organization (GSO) for the ECo department. The EGC hosts regular socials and professional development events, and is also a liaison between students and the department. The EGC receives an annual budget from the Grad Student Senate, and membership includes anyone affiliated with the ECo department or program. Visit our page on Campus Pulse.

ECo Grad Council Officers, 2020-2021

Join the EGC and the rest of your department for regularly scheduled events that include…

  • EGC Meetings: The EGC connects with ECo grads throughout the semester to gather feedback about what we can do to improve the ECo graduate student experience. If you’re interested in becoming more involved with your department or have ideas to share, be sure to attend.
  • Graduate Program Meetings: These meetings cover topics of interest to our graduate students, with food and refreshments provided. In the past we’ve hosted speakers from other departments as well as local organizations and state/federal agency representatives, and we’ve discussed subjects from job placement to science writing and communication. Bring your ideas to the EGC meetings and consider organizing a program meeting that fits your interests! 
  • Coffee Socials: Take a break from the week and enjoy coffee, tea, and treats with ECo.
  • Happy Hours: Unwind with your ECo friends at one of our local spots for food and drink.
  • Social Events: Keep an eye out for ad hoc social events. These are typically posted on the Facebook group (“Friends of OEB / ECO / MS3”) or sent via email. You’re welcome to put together an event of your own to share with the group!