Follow the instructions below for any workstudy or other employment in the department.

Undergraduate Students

New UNDERGRADUATE student hire procedures per Human Resources:

Each student must go to the Human Resources Page at the UMass Website before they come to the main office. Students are required to complete the forms on line. The student then brings them printed and signed with valid forms of Identification the department’s main office. Website is listed below.

Please complete and sign ALL forms and provide an unexpired passport or two other acceptable forms of ID as stated in the instructions after the on line I 9 form. There is a list of acceptable forms of ID at the I-9 page.

The most commonly used acceptable forms of ID are a Driver’s License with a photo ID and a birth certificate OR a Driver’s license and a Social Security Card. Verification must be made with original documents. Photo-copies are not acceptable.

Graduate Students

Check with your advisor. See also: