Graduate Program Policies, Procedures and Requirements (aka “Program Handbook”)

Download the Graduate Handbook

The ECo Graduate Program Handbook (pdf) provides a detailed description of our graduate program, inclusive of the Master of Science (MS) Thesis Degree, the MS Professional Degree, and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Environmental Conservation. This document is organized into four sections:

  1. The first section provides an overview of the ECo Graduate Program and its administration
  2. The second section details a variety of practical needs that will help students “survive” the program and navigate many of its obstacles.
  3. The third section describes the academic program in detail, including general policies, procedures and administrative requirements and the specific requirements of each degree concentration. For specific information regarding official Graduate School policies and regulations, please review the “Graduate School Bulletin” and the “Graduate School Handbook” ( Together, these documents contain nearly all of the technical information needed to successfully complete our graduate program.
  4. The fourth section provides a series of helpful reference materials, including a suggested timetable for completing all degree requirements, a checklist for each degree option, and templates for forms that must be completed to track the degree progress.

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