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Graduate Program Forms (aka Graduate School Memos)

Memos are needed for virtually everything that is submitted to the GPD (via your GCC) and the Graduate School, as indicated in the checklist above. Anything that is submitted to the GPD (via your GCC) and Graduate School should be a memo written in a letter of correspondence format. The standard required memos are described below and a template has been provided. However, there may be times when a standard memo does not exist to meet your need. When in doubt, check with Linda Fortin in the main office of Holdsworth Hall, and if that doesn’t work, call the Graduate School and ask what they specifically want on the submitted “form”.  Often times these forms do not exist and must be customized to the occasion. Finally, when your signature is required, it is recommended that you sign all forms in black ink.

The following forms or templates for various memos that may be needed are available download from the Department website to facilitate communication between the ECo Graduate Program and the UMass Graduate School. It is you and your major professor’s responsibility to fill out the appropriate form and forward it to the GCC in a timely manner when communication with the Graduate School is required. The GCC will forward the approved memo to the GPD for signature and submission to the Graduate School. Note, these forms are templates only; you will need to fill in all the necessary personal information (shown in italics).

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