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Below you will find fillable templates for various forms to mark your progress toward your degree. The GPD reviews your progress and sends required memos to the Graduate School in correspondence (i.e. ‘memo’) format, acting as liaison between you/your committee and the University. Please check the Eco Graduate Program Handbook and select the correct form for your degree track (PhD, MS, MSP) from the list below. You and your major professor are responsible for completing the appropriate forms and sending them to the GPD in a timely manner when communication with the Graduate School is required. The preferred way to collect your signatures is via DocuSign.

When your form is complete and signed, please save it with your last name followed by the filename of the template (i.e. last name_first initial_filename.pdf) and the PDF file here: GPD Memo Request/Form Submission, where it will be queued for review and submission to the graduate school.  If your form requires more than one file, e.g. an appendix, please submit everything as a single PDF using last name_firstinitial_filename.pdf  format, using the the name of the requested memo as the filename.  Please use this form rather than email, and be aware of any deadlines.  The GPD needs at least two full business days from the time you upload your complete/signed form to review and submit to the Graduate School.  Detailed instructions are provided in this how-to document.


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